Right View first

Super mundane "Right View" results from seeing things as they really are.

Anyone who intentionally observes or focuses during meditation has their actions based from wrong view. That is they are under the false belief that to know you have to observe or make some kind of effort.

As a result whatever they know, it is just another mind object coming from this "observation".

To really understand Right View one needs to let it sink into the body and mind that any intention, volition or action gets in the way of true seeing.

It's like soto zen practice: just sitting

If one does not trust this inherent essence of knowing in consciousness, they will always have the impulse to do something which takes them away from true seeing and "Right View".

The more you investigate awareness and the inherent essence of knowing, the more you feel confident and release any intentional formation or action, and get deeper in concentration.

This right concentration leads to right Insight which leads to further right concentration.

As you practice Right View, Right Concentration and Right insight, confidence and an understanding of the process play an important role (towards right knowledge)

That's why buddha said two groups of people can obtain stream entry, one who has some understanding (of Right View) but not all and one who is confident even though they do not understand yet understand (Right View) yet

Both approaches will leads to the same results, you release your impulse or intention to do anything but keep alert and relaxed then, right knowledge will appear