Custom courses created by experts from around the world

Because all Know² does is Law Enforcement training, we fully understand law enforcement learning needs and strive to provide tailor-made eLearning solutions for maximum impact, performance and security.

Our team of highly experienced Law Enforcement Experts, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers and Quality Analysts have on average more than 20 years of experience and understand law enforcement objectives and the expected performance goals.

Custom Interactive eLearning Courses

The operational circumstances under which agencies operate can vary based on jurisdiction Law Enforcement culture, operational procedures and local needs.

Having worked with Law Enforcement Agencies in more than 50 countries, Know² has the experience and expertize to develop eLearning courses that are carefully designed to meet instructional and performance outcomes specific to your agency.

Interactive Simulations and Scenarios

Based on training objectives and the learning content, we recreate the working environment that officers operate and create a series of simulations and test so that officers can practice what they learn.

These learning environments are created by leveraging instructional technology in order to let learners explore varied outcomes in a risk-free, real world environment. For example, searching a car, questioning persons, investigating organized crime or searching cargo.

Systematic Approach to Training

The Know² approach to training and learning follows the “Systematic Approach to Training” also commonly referred to “The Training Cycle”.

Quality assurance methods and techniques are applied throughout the process.

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