Learning Management

Law Enforcement agencies like most organizations need to measure, assess and justify the effectiveness of their training programs. Learnmind, our Learning Management System is designed specifically for Law Enforcement, unlike other LMS that are designed for Universities or the general public.

A problem for agencies trying to deliver online training is that generally only very large Law Enforcement organizations are able to justify the full-time team and multi-million dollar budgets needed to develop and manage a custom designed LMS.

At Know² we believe that law enforcement everywhere should have access to high quality training and should not be burdened by the technical aspects or the high costs of deploying and using a Learning Management System.

For the past 15 years we have constantly refined learning management so that agencies can concentrate on their core functions, which is Law Enforcement, while still having all the student management functions that Law Enforcement agencies require.

Fully Automated

For most organizations, the only management task required is entering the officers name and selecting their job profile. The system automatically assigns appropriate courses based on their job description.

Anywhere and Anytime

Officers can take their training at home online, at work on their desktops, in learning centers or their mobile device.

The system automatically keeps track and securely synchronizes between devices.

Generating Reports

In order to ensure that the training has benefited the officer and the organization, reports can be generated and analyzed. This allows an organization to clearly see that officers have received the skills and acquired the knowledge to better perform their duty. When an officer completes their training, they can then print a certificate showing that the officer has completed the training program.