Mobile Applications for Law Enforcement

Know² is redefining how law enforcement operates with the next generation of mobile applications for law enforcement, which allow officers to access expert knowledge, follow standard operating procedures and access and record information and evidence directly in the field; enabling them to deliver improved outcomes to the public they serve.

Law Enforcement should have the latest technology

Modern law enforcement work requires being knowledgeable about complex crimes, best practice and correct operating procedures. It also requires collecting and transmitting large amounts of information and being able to collaborate.

While criminals often have access to the latest technology to commit crime, law enforcement is often at disadvantage not having the latest technology to access information and exchange knowledge in the field.

Knowledge Management

At the heart of the Know² is a knowledge management system, which provides access to high quality course content, guides officers through law enforcement tasks and helps officers record case information and evidence directly in the field.

Depending on the type of incident, officers are guided step-by-step through tasks using standard operating procedures and best practice. The system helps an officer record information and evidence about the incident, for example suspect information, voice notes, photos, videos, witness statements, location, etc.

Automatic Recording of Information and Evidence

All information and evidence about an incident is automatically recorded into a incident log. An officer can quickly review the task list and incident log to determine if any steps or information have been missed.

At any time, the officer can generate a professional incident report, which includes all relevant information. All files relevant to the incident are encrypted and cryptographically hashed to prevent tempering of the evidence.

Back at the office the incident report can be accessed though a secure server and the report refined.

Remote mentoring and guidance

Incident information and crime scene pictures can be sent back to the station in real time to be monitored by a supervisor, expert, or incident room for real time feedback to the officer.

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