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Know² is revolutionizing how law enforcement operates by bringing together expert knowledge, standard operating procedures and applications that allow officers to do their job more effectively in the field.

Just as criminals are using the latest technologies to commit crime, the public expects law enforcement will use modern technology in order to best respond to the wide variety of complex crimes with a high level of effectiveness and professionalism

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Highly interactive eLearning

Scenario based interactions

Because of the highly interactive nature of Know² training, officers become involved with the subject matter in a meaningful way.

Know² training has been designed to interact with and stimulate a user, this greatly increases the user’s retention of the material.

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Because everyone in Law Enforcement should have access to quality training

Courses are free to individuals

In line with our vision and to ensure that everyone in Law Enforcement has access to high quality training, all our courses are free to law enforcement officials through POLICE ACADEMY.

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